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Health and Safety

Health and Safety


The University is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all its employees and anyone affected through its business activities. This is achieved through the development of relevant documentation, communication, and the active involvement of all our employees in the health and safety arrangements.

Positive Safety Culture

The university believes in providing a positive safety culture where this becomes part of the every working day.

All staff and students are encouraged to contribute to this culture where people feel included and empowered to help reduce risks to staff, students, and visitors.

A sensible and proportionate approach to health and safety is what the university is striving for and encourages the sharing of best practice between schools and departments.

If you are uncertain about any existing safety arrangements or have a concern relating to health and safety, all staff are encouraged to be proactive in raising questions or concerns with their line manager and to seek guidance and advice.

Should you have any concerns or suggestions please contact:

Gordon Reeves – Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager

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